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The World of Minibeasts

How Flies Do it: The Star of the Flies


The star of this story is a small fly, mostly not more than half of a centimeter long. It has a black body speckled with tiny whit spots and lines that contrasts with its reddish-brown eyes.   
complicated Latin name: Platystoma seminationis The below side of its belly is plain yellow. Its wings are not transparent, as are the ones of the flies that you probably know,  but are of grayish-brown colour and show whitish speckles. 

The fly doesn't seem to have a proper English name, at least we couldn't find one. Its Latin name is Platystoma seminationis, the first part of which means "big mouth". The family is named accordingly, Platystomatidae, that is, the "big mouths". Later on you may probably agree that these flies should be called "kissing mouths". These flies show mating rituals parts of which resemble those of humans. 

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Photographs by Josť Verkest, text by Maria Pfeifer